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The year is 1880. England is at the height of her empire. Victoria, Queen of England, Empress of India, and Galactic Empress of Mars reigns supreme.

In the earlier part of the 19th century, the French under the supervision of [[Dr. Méliès]], created the first Newton’s Cannon and, under Louis Napoleon XVII, shot themselves to Earth’s Moon Lune.

Mars is more than just a desert. Mars is a living breathing planet full of a proud spiritual people, ancient civilizations, lush vegetation, rich flowing canals, and looming danger.

The British Empire has assumed control over a large portion of Mars and the native Martian population.

Barsoom is a rare and precious mineral at the heart of all the discontent. It grants everlasting life to the one who consumes it. It is also highly volatile and eases the powering of the Newton’s Cannons.

When in doubt about the technology of this world, assume it is still the 19th century.
Muskets are the weapons of choice (for the British), although more advanced high-pressure steam-based projectile weaponry is being developed.
Rail Tracks are being laid down.
Blackwall Frigate and sloop-of-war’s rule the sea (and space).
Steam is the primary source of power.



Russian outposts on Phobos and Deimos. Governor Rasputin is in charge of the territories.

England militarily colonized Mars, tearing away much territory from the Native Martians and holds a military presence on the planet

France militarily colonized The Moon after the success of the Newton’s Cannon, using it is a large military base of operations for their space expeditions. Dead set against the English, there is great fear that they are also using the Lunar installation to construct a second interplanetary weapon, capable of striking cities on Earth from The Moon.
The French are led by Louis XVII, The Moon King.
Lune is covered in green fungi that takes on the properties of cheese.


British East India Company is a pseudo-government organization who holds a royal charter and trade. The control the transport of Tea, Barsoom, Opium, etc…

1 Pound = 20 Shillings
1 Shilling = 12 Pennys

Servants £10/year
Poor £50/year
Hotel 14S/night
House 24£/week



Barsoom is the chief material here. Everything revolves around it. But this is a strange and new world. There is much to be seen here.


Capital: New London


1820 – First manned mission to Mars
1830 – First colonization mission to Mars; Red London established
1842 – Rush born
1865 – Rush graduates university and joins the Ravens
1872 – Rush reenters public view
1874 – First Martian uprisings; British government sends massive military force to suppress them
1876 – Carver discharged from military
1878 – First Martian uprising quelled
1880 – Current day


Real Life

  • The Great Game
  • Opium Wars
  • Native Americans
  • East India Company


  • Journey To The Moon
  • Dune
  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Total Recall
  • Red Faction
  • John Carter

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