Simon Rush


Doctor of Neurology, Dr. Rush


A prominent doctor in Victorian London, Dr. Rush is best known for his work with the insane, and his seemingly miraculous ability to cure any mental ailment.

Sent as the head of the medical team on the most recent mission to the Martian colonies, and has since been promoted to Chief Science Officer of the Martian colonies. Dr. Rush has been the driving force behind a series of clinics set up throughout the English Martian colonies, tasked with providing free medical care to both human and Martian residents. There has been a small issue of several patients going missing, but otherwise the clinics have been a huge step forward in the fight to bridging the gap between humans and aliens.

Dr. Rush possesses very few scruples or morals, but sticks to the ones he has. Trained at Oxford University, the seven years after his graduation are a blank in all public records. Appearing back in the public eye in 1864, Rush quickly grew in renown within the medical community for his abilities. Individuals from around the world would travel to London for his help and treatment, and never left disappointed. With this quick rise to power, Rush made many enemies, but none ever seemed to manage to stay alive long after declaring their negative intentions.

Simon Rush

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