Jim Blackmore


A thief masquerading as a tinkerer. Fairly average in build, about 25 years of age.

Jim was an extremely skilled thief, though his abilities have decayed somewhat since losing his hand and beginning his new life.. His left hand has been replaced with a clockwork prosthetic hand (almost always hidden from view with a glove). Jim has done extensive tinkering upon his clockwork hand and has outfitted it with various tools, as well as a single shot pistol. He currently uses the barsoom core obtained from the Tower of London heist to power his hand, but the core is vastly overpowered for that purpose. Since escaping to Mars, he has been studying the core in hopes of learning how best he can utilize its capabilities, though its complexity has prevented him from making any breakthroughs thus far.


Former Con Artist for the Ravens

  • Jim was a leader of the Ravens, the shadow force behind the East India Company. Jim was a very successful leader, but his overconfidence led to many Ravens being captured or killed on his last heist at the Tower of London. Jim was able to escape with a state of the art barsoom power core, which he has been using to power his clockwork hand. He fled to Mars under a false name to escape both the authorities and the wrath of the Ravens.
  • Invoke: Using thief skills, appraising objects
  • Compel: Someone discovers his true identity, conflict of interest between Blackmore and other personas

“No you can’t” “Yes I can!”

  • Jim is driven to do what people say he can’t, learning things he shouldn’t know, taking things he shouldn’t own. No wall is impenetrable to Jim, instead the sturdiest walls offer the greatest rewards for breaking through.
  • Invoke: Perseverance through difficulty
  • Compel: Wants to break into things

Good Handiwork

  • At some point in his past, Jim lost his left hand and had it replaced with a clockwork prosthetic. This is a standard clockwork prosthetic, though Jim has modified it extensively to contain tools and even a single shot pistol. The standard set of tools Jim keeps in his hand are a light source, a knife, a gun, lockpicks, and screwdrivers, Jim needs to spend some time working in order to replace any of these. The hand is also powered by a state of the art barsoom core, stolen from the Tower of London on Jim’s last job with the Ravens.
  • Invoke: Have the right tools on hand, catch opponent by surprise in combat
  • Compel: Malfunctions, fairly easy to recognize

Partners in Crime

  • Jim worked extensively with Simon during Simon’s time as a Raven. While Simon’s primary job was to give medical aid to Ravens who were wounded during missions (and was the one to attach Jim’s clockwork hand), this period is also when Simon started to perform his scientific experiments, and Jim was responsible for bringing Simon most of his patients during this time. Jim feels there is a strong bond between himself and Simon due to their partnership, a feeling that Simon does not necessarily reciprocate. Jim kept in touch with Simon after Simon left the Ravens, and turned to Simon for help after the Tower of London heist.

Teaching Spirit

  • Shortly after arriving on Mars, Jim encountered Thomas while the latter was breaking into a house for an investigation. The break-in went poorly, and Jim ended up helping Thomas accomplish his goals and escape. Jim enjoys helping and training budding thieves.


Always a Way Out

  • +2 on Burglary rolls made to create an advantage whenever you’re trying to escape from a location.

One Person, Many Faces

  • Whenever you meet someone new, you can spend a fate point in order to declare that you’ve met that person before, but under a different name and identity. Create a situation aspect to represent your cover story, and you can use Decieve in place of Rapport whenever interacting with that person.

Concealed Gun

  • Jim can use his Crafts skill instead of Shoot when using weapons concealed within something he built.
  • This currently applies to the single shot pistol concealed in Jim’s clockwork hand and the gun he built into the cane he uses as Alan Harper.


Crafts, Burglary
Notice, Stealth, Rapport
Athletics, Fight, Will, Physique, Empathy


Jim Blackmore loved breaking rules. If someone told him he couldn’t do something, he would make damn sure that he could in fact do it. This got him into endless trouble as a boy, and he went on to become a high ranking member of the Ravens, a mysterious force behind the East India Company. During this time he grew acquainted with Doctor Simon Rush, who worked for the Ravens for a period before pursuing other interests on Mars. He was extremely successful during his time as a Raven, but ultimately grew overconfident and attempted a heist on the Tower of London. The heist went poorly, and while Jim was able to escape, many Ravens were either captured or killed as a direct result. Fearing the wrath of the Ravens, Jim fled to Mars and began a new life as James Fitzgerald, a skilled tinkerer with a small shop in Red London. In Red London, James met and aided the private investigator Thomas Carver on one of his investigations, and they became good friends. However, some time later, Thomas became involved in an investigation that led to the Ravens, and events led to James Fitzgerald being imprisoned for arson. Realizing that he would be unable to prove Fitzgerald’s innocence, Jim broke out of prison, discarded the Fitzgerald identity, and took on a new name as Alan Harper.


Jim Blackmore
James Fitzgerald
Alan Harper

Jim Blackmore

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